Daniel Titcomb Co-Founder | CEO

Before founding Lendeavor, Dan was a business analyst at NewWorld Capital Group, a private equity firm focused on the environmental opportunities sector. While there, Dan led analysis on the firm’s largest investment to date ($50+ mm), pitched investment opportunities to co-investors, and regularly collaborated with C-level management. He earned a B.A. in government from Connecticut College, spending his junior year in Japan, where he studied Japanese political economics and history.

James Bachmeier III Co-Founder | COO

Prior to founding Lendeavor, James operated Bachmeier Corporation, a commercial real estate firm located in the Twin Cities. While there, James led multiple investments and managed several hundred thousand square feet in property, including a collaboration with UBS. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Minnesota Law School and is admitted to the Minnesota Bar. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Hamline University, where he achieved conference honors playing varsity baseball.

Drew Weyerhaeuser Co-Founder | CTO/CFO

Before founding Lendeavor, Drew founded a technology-enabled scheduling and logistics company and also spent over five years in IBM’s Global Business Services. At IBM, he developed and implemented technology strategies for Fortune 500 companies in the consumer packaged goods, travel and transportation, and healthcare sectors. Drew graduated with a B.S.E. in computer science from Princeton University, where he was a member of the heavyweight crew team.

Darren Boyd VP Engineering

Darren joined Lendeavor in January 2015. Originally from Northern Canada, where he owned the first computer in his town, Darren made his way through Calgary before ending up working in sunny California. His experience began with an Internet-related startup in 1994, and over the years he has worked in a diverse set of situations ranging from large oil-and-gas companies to small Internet startups.

Bill Conley VP Credit

Bill joined Lendeavor in April 2016. His career spans more than 35 years in healthcare professional financing, most recently as VP Operations at Healthcare Professional Funding Corporation (HPFC), where he oversaw credit, documentation, booking, and funding. His roles prior to that included underwriting manager at HPSC/GE Healthcare Financial Services and credit manager at Healthco International. Bill served in the U.S. Air Force and earned a B.S. in business administration from Merrimack College.

Andrew Bennett Director of Operations

Andrew joined Lendeavor in May 2015 after seven years as a high school and college educator, teaching everything from physics to organizational communication to baseball, and is passionate about simplifying the financial aspects of practice ownership. He graduated summa cum laude from Hamline University with degrees in mathematics and physics and earned an M.S. in organizational management from Misericordia University.

Dillon Titcomb Director of Borrower Success

Dillon joined Lendeavor in September 2014 after serving as the company‘s first and only intern the previous summer. Throughout his time at Lendeavor, Dillon has enjoyed his role as an advocate for the practice owners he guides through the financing process. He graduated summa cum laude from Carleton College with a degree in psychology, focusing primarily on neuroscience.

Aldis Inde Capital Markets

Aldis joined Lendeavor in September 2015 after graduating cum laude from Williams College, where he earned degrees in political science and mathematics. His studies focused on public policy and applied math, including extensive research and data analysis of the income tax system. An All-American track athlete, he graduated from Williams as one of the top runners in program history, setting numerous records and finishing as the national runner-up in the 5k.

Rayla Boyd Practice Finance Specialist

Rayla joined Lendeavor in September 2015. Her focus is on helping practice owners seamlessly navigate the financing process. Rayla earned her JD at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada and was admitted to the California Bar in 2008. Her practice in the U.S. and Canada primarily involved working with lenders, borrowers, and financing specialists on restructuring business debt.

Joseph Merrill Practice Finance Specialist

Joseph joined Lendeavor in September 2015 after working in operations and business development for two small companies in Minnesota. In 2014, he earned a B.S. in business and marketing education from the University of Minnesota, where he also worked for the Baseline Tennis Center while still an undergraduate. In that role, he organized tennis tournaments for juniors and Fortune 500 corporate teams alike, garnering the university‘s 2011-12 Outstanding Student Employee Award.

Josh Lubaway Engineer

Josh joined the Lendeavor team in September 2015. He has been programming since he used Logo on his Apple IIe to draw lines with a turtle. HTML and JavaScript followed shortly thereafter, which inspired his lifelong pursuit of crafting websites. He was the webmaster of his school newspaper — CMLife — at Central Michigan University before he started programming full time. He enjoys hiking on the weekends and traveling. He thinks electric cars are the hottest thing since sliced bread, and he continues to make turtles walk around the screen — at least in his head.

Tim Wood Engineer

Tim joined Lendeavor in November 2015. He has written a lot of open-source software, including a popular JavaScript library for working with dates and times. With a background in fine art, he enjoys working both in design and code. He has previously worked for a South Korean free-to-play gaming company, an advertising agency for feature films, and other tech startups. He spends his free time building side projects, including a physics puzzle game, a drink cocktail library app, and another game in development.

Chris Caselas Engineer

Chris joined Lendeavor in May 2016. He has been writing code for startups in a variety of industries for the past six years. He started out in music tech, working for a popular audio streaming platform, and is pleased to be faced with very different challenges now working in financial tech. Outside of programming, he enjoys brewing beer, hiking to remote hot springs, and grooming his mustache. He and his wife recently moved to Portland, Oregon, where these activities are accessible and generally encouraged. He is looking forward to a future where a VR headset is the preferred peripheral display for video gaming.